11 Tips for Live Chat Agents pt.2

Submitted 2/20/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

6. Cooperate - when a different department from your company needs help and you can provide such - do it. There are two reasons for this - you will gain better knowledge about the processes in the company as a whole, that's first. Second, you never know where you might get help from when you're in a tough situation. And we are not talking just about getting help, but about receiving help faster and exactly when you need. Most departments in a company have enough work and you and your problem might be left for the end of the day. But if they know you are a good guy, the solution will come on time;

7. Don't be afraid to ask - while it is expected of you, you just can't know everything. So when you find yourself in trouble and you just can't give a right answer to the customer's query - don't be afraid to ask someone who knows. The senior agents and supervisors will assist you and will give you information when you need it. If you have this option you can even transfer the chat to a more experienced agent who can take care of the situation.  

8. Don't over-think - keep things simple. In most situations, the right answer is the simplest one. Also, simple things are most often the fastest and when it comes to customers, you need to be fast as a lightning.

9. Don't overwork - when you spend most of your time in front of the computer, your effectiveness will decline. Our advice - take a series of short brakes every now and then. Chat with someone, have a short walk. This is the only way you will take out all the frustration, because, we all know that customers come in different shapes and speaking with some of them is frustrating, to say the least;

10. Use essentials - always have at least one website with live chat essentials and tips opened. It will be you first place to go when you can't handle the situation. If you are using ticketing system (like ours- eStreamDesk) always have the tickets open so you can keep track on the different problems and customers;

11. Know canned answers by heart - as your company grows, so will your knowledge. However, as we said before, one can not learn and know everything, so for this, most companies provide their agents with a list of canned answers which they can use in the right situations. But don't rely solely on them, some customers don't like to communicate with a robot. 

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