5 Tips for Great Sales

Submitted 2/13/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Great customer service can easy lead your company towards great sales. Yes, product/service quality plays big role, but at some point you will need the customer service to step in. How to have bigger sales with customer service? Here are some tips:

1. Give more than you take - it's a simple state of mind - customer service isn't for you, it's about the customer. It's all about the customer. Make your employees embrace this mantra - from the doorman to the technician, they need to know that the customer is the most important person in this company and making his life better in some way is a success;

2. Find out the needs of the customer - every customer visits your company with a specific need - a product, a specific service, information etc. You main job is to find out what that need is and see if you can satisfy it. Make everyone involved in the process and see if you can find out the exact need and the proper way to take care of the customer;

3. The truth is in the details - turning the customer into a loyal customer is all about the small things. If the clients is waiting - offer him a cup of coffee or tea, when a customer visits your store - greet him by name, ask him how he is and what can you do for him. Offer help when you see them struggling with your product etc. Just, make enything in your power to make the customer feel good for himself;

4. Hire professionals - while customer service department seems like the place where you can cut costs and hire everyone no matter their professional qualification, know this - the better the employee - the better the department. When you pick people for customer service - make sure they have a lot of experience and focus on the way they communicate with people, since this is the most important thing. Take a good look at your department, weed out the people that don't fit in. Try to create a unique team of customer service professionals;

5. Create something that makes you unique - search for that special thing that makes your company stand above all other. If you don't have such a thing - create one. The point is - you need to differentiate yourself from the competition in some way. 


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