The 5 Types Of Customers

Submitted 2/10/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

types of customersUntil now, we paid attention to what types of bad customers one might work with and how to deal with the situation they put him in. But now, we are about to take a look at the five basic types of customers:

1. Loyal customers - this type currently represents 20% of all customers of a company, but make up more than 50% of this company's revenue. But if you want more of them, you need to get some work done. The loyal customers need communication, so you have to communicate with them on regular basis via phone/mail/social networks etc. You have to take their input in consideration when making decisions and always make sure they know their opinion is valued, because in most cases, loyal customers are the ones that most often recommend your company to heir friends and colleagues;

2. Discount customers - these are the ones that often shop from your store or work with your company just because they have a nice discount and they get exclusive deals on products. This type often generates a good part of your revenue, but can sometimes be a problem, since discount customers are more inclined to return products. Also, if they see a better deal, the will pursue it, even if it means to switch companies...

3. Impulse customers - they don't have a "To do" list, they just enter the premise and buy whatever they feel nice and useful at the moment. This type of customer is very nice and we all like to work with such clients. Advertisements are targeted almost exclusively towards this type and in addition to buying from you they will also give you feedback and insights on your business;

4. Need-based customers - driven by a specific need, they look for a particular item. They will enter your store looking to buy quickly what they need, and if the process is taking too long, they will leave. They are not a lot of fun because they have their homework made and don't want to even speak to a salesperson, so if they are approached by one they will block his selling attacks swiftly. Most of the time they will shop online, but when they come to the store you need to bring your A game if you want to win them as a loyal customer. Send your top salesman and instruct him to not be invasive, just to help and help...

5. Wandering customers - this is the type that represents the biggest part of the customers when it comes to traffic. However, this is also the type that provides the smallest amount of revenue. Virtually, there is nothing you can do about that, they come to the store just to browse, for the experience, maybe just to feel part of a community. This is why, this type is the one with the most "voice". The wanderers communicate a lot and will recomend not your products or store, but the experience they had in it. 

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