What Every Potential Customer Wants to Hear

Submitted 1/17/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

So, you have a potential customer listening carefully what you have to say about your company? Well, here is what he wants to hear to help him make the right decision and start working with you:

1. The perspective - fortunetelling might not be the most credible thing in the world, but potential customers will get more and more excited about working with you if you can give them the perspective on upcoming trends and other information from their industry (mergers, acquisitions etc.) that can be significant and affect their business. It is a fact that salesmen who provide insight and area actually able to teach the potential customer thing or two get more calls for business;

2. Trending - every potential customer likes to work with companies that do their homework. I don't mean salesmen giving old information to the customer about their own company, I am talking about new information. If you can explain the potential customer that you recognized some trends or important patterns in their company, it is guaranteed that the customer will be impressed with your company;

3. Market intelligence - most customers think that the market information that comes from salesmen is more credible than the information gathered by marketing departments. This is often correct as salesmen get their information "from the streets" and not from charts and statistics. So, if you can pitch a news or two to the customer (accompanied by leaning towards the customer and saying "I am not suppose to say this, but I heard that..." in low voice if you feel dramatic that particular day...) you will gain trust and probably seal the deal;

4. Best practices - nowadays companies are mostly partners and sharing a few good practices from the customers industry with him is always a good idea. If you can help him do his job (without telling him how to) more effectively you will gain his trust and the status of professional in his eyes;

5. The difference - most of the time, the potential customer will try to convince you that their company is different and that they are not like any other company in their industry. While this isn't exactly true, there is some truth in this statement. The customer wants to know that you deeply believe in this. Even if you don't you will have to research their company enough to find out what exactly makes them different (or what they claim to). If you can point it out and explain how this different thing fits in your strategy for their company - you will make another step towards the sale.


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