Live Chat Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Submitted 1/16/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

live chat mistakesWhile it seems an easy to implement and to maintain, live chat is something that can cause many missed opportunities for sale if left aside. So, in order to benefit from this awesome feature, you need to avoid these mistakes:

1. I, robot - we all know that most live chat supports use ready-made answers for frequently asked questions, which is logical, because they save customer's time. But one of the biggest mistakes in customer service as a whole is using those answers all the time without actually getting acquainted with the question. It can leave an impersonal impression with the customer and also leave his problem unresolved. How to avoid this: efficiency is a key factor in customer service, but also is personal touch. Try to use as few "canned answers" as possible and also audit them periodically to see if they are still relevant and adherent;

2. Anyone can do it - it just makes sense that your top phone customer service employee will be your top lice chat employee, right? Well, not always. Be careful, sometimes a person that handles verbal words with ease can find it difficult to do the same with written words. Text-based communication is different in many ways from the verbal one, mainly because of the lack of intonation - something that you find jolly and fun might be considered offensive by the customer who reads it (especially if the said customer is angry with your company). How to avoid this: choose your live chat employee wisely. He/she needs to be a person that is good at multitasking and can handle multiple chats without getting confused;

3. Set it and forget it - though it is easy to set up and get going live chat is a feature that is as important as any other customer service feature you use and provide. Leaving it unaudited is a mistake. How to avoid this: spare small amounts of time on a regular basis to inspect the results and see how things are going. Try to pin point what exactly you expect from this customer service feature, set targets and work towards achieving them;

4. It will make all your problems go away - here is the thing, adding a live chat button in your website won't make you rich from sales. While putting one there is vital, it won't bring more traffic to the site. How to avoid this: listen carefully what your customers have to say about it. Is the live chat button hidden somewhere? Is it big and flashy and thus -  annoying? Make use of the feedback and optimize the looks and placement of the button;

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