Building the Best Customer Service Team

Submitted 1/14/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

customer service best teamCustomer service is a part of your business which you should confide to a fine team of professionals. However, assembling such team is not an easy task and isn't just a put some nice people together and see what happens. We are here for you again - let us show you how to build the best customer service team in some easy steps:

1. Create transparency - to be able to do their job properly, your team will need to know how things go, they will need the whole information on what they have their hands on, they will need to see the whole customer service picture of your company. You can achieve this by holding Q&A sessions weekly or monthly where the team will be able to ask questions and receive information, If there are no questions, step up and explain what is the customer service situation in the moment, reports about the levels of customer satisfaction including feedback, what the company expects as results and everything else that might be unclear to your team;  

2. Create a team of personalities - see, a good team is a team of unique people, who can take the team on their back whenever needed. Try to implement a new way of hiring customer service employees, ask them unconventional questions, see if you can find the ones that shine brighter than the rest. After you do this - let them do what they can best and don't give them scripted answers. Customers feel uncomfortable when they receive scripted answers, it feels like they are talking to a robot. So, try to find employees that can create a nice conversation, they will know what to do;

3. Train them all the time - customer service isn't something you learn once and that's it, it's a matter that changes all the time, a matter that evolves. You customer service team needs to be the best in the field, that's why they need to be on top of things all the time. Invest in their training - hire lecturers, motivational speakers, hire people to teach them additional skills, give them additional knowledge;

4. There is no I in team - it is important for your team to be consisted of personalities, but it won't be efficient if they don't act as a team. Always try to encourage a team mentality. When things are good - praise the whole team, not just some individuals, take them to a team building every now and then, make them get to know each other, see if they can become friends;


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