5 Ingredients of the Perfect Customer Service

Submitted 12/11/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Everything in this world can be compared to a dish - if you have the right ingredients and you put your mind and soul into it, you will end up creating something unique and successful. As everything else, customer service can also be compared to a dish - you can create a perfect customer experience with the right items and mindset. but what are the ingredients of the perfect customer service?

1. Responsiveness - how long does it take for a customer service agent from your company to reply to a customer's mail, phone call or live chat message? This is one of the most important ingredients, because there is nothing more dreadful for the client than waiting for a response by a company. Try to measure the time that it takes to reply to a customer, see if you can make it as short as possible;

2. Reliability - customers that contact you expect to be provided with dependable and true information about the products or services they purchased from you. You need to rate high on the dependability chart and do what you have promised to do. Make your customers rely on you;

3. Politeness - courtesy goes a long way with customers, especially with the angry ones. Your agents should be polite and kind no matter what the situation is, because all customers deserve it. This is on of the most easiest thing to accomplish since it depends only on your company;

4. Credibility - does your product match the advertisements? Does your service helps people as they were showed it would? Is your company trustworthy? Does it deliver on it's promises? Make sure that everyone in your company performs its duties in such way that it passes the credibility requirements;

5. Consistency - this is the one that makes them all stick together. This is the ingredient that turns the good dish perfect. The perfect customer experience is providing responsiveness, reliability, politeness and credibility not just once, but all the time. If you can accomplish this you will see a good increase in your customer base.

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