4 Tips for a Good Self-promotion

Submitted 10/10/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Generally, most business people are not good at self-promotion - either they are not putting themselves out there enough or they go on a narcissistic rampage bragging on every step. Both of these ways are completely wrong. The right way is to find the golden spot in the middle. It might sound difficult, but we will show you how to do it:

1. Talk about your beliefs - when explaining your product, your service or your business use the "I believe" form. Say "I believe that my product helps people do better job at...." or "I believe in creating jobs and helping people feel good about themselves", instead of "I sell my product because..." or "I have more than 100 employees.". Show yourself as an idealistic type of guy, who knows there is more to business than just money and sales. People will be interested in you and will ask more questions about your company;

2. Results speak better - there is a saying that people care about what you've done and now about what you will do. It sounds old-fashioned but it is true. So when you want to make a good impression speak about what you have done - what your company has done for the people, what problems it has solved, what great things it has achieved, instead of speaking about what you will do and what greatness awaits your company;

3. Admit that you've failed - no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and everyone fails at some point of their lives. It's a human thing. And people need to see you as a human. Not as a company. Humility can take you further, when combined with logic and intellect. So, show you are a human being - admit your failure, but state that you don't repeat your mistakes;

4. Find out what makes you unique - if you want to show people you are good at everything and you can do everything, you probably can. But if you try to reach everybody, you will eventually reach no one, so keep it simple - find the thing that makes you unique, the thing that only you can do, provide or be good at. Just like a superhero, you will need to find your superpower and make it your main weapon when self-promoting.

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