8 Benefits Of Live Chat Support

Submitted 9/5/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Live chat support is a mandatory part of your customer service. We have written about why you need to implement it in your work, but seems like some benefits are clear while some are not so obvious. We have made a list with all the pros of this system, so you can make the decision as fast as possible:

1. More competent answers - as with the email customer service, the live chat support helps your staff to minimize the wrong answer possibility by giving enough time for the employee to find the best solution if he/she is not sure about it, which is a big benefit compared to phone support where giving a fast and wrong answer is quite possible;

2. Fast feedback - while with phone support you need to go through an automated system asking you to push numbers till you contact the right person (and then there is still a possibility that you will be transferred), the live chat support puts you directly in the conversation and the answers come as fast.

3. You can help more people - the live chat support gives you the opportunity to keep a conversation with more than one customer at the same time, which if done right can turn your customer support into a customer service powerhouse;

4. The conversation is clear - no more strange accents or bad lines. One of the major reasons for a bad solution to a customer's problem is the bad line. Your employee can't give a good answer if he can't hear the problem properly. With live chat, you can forget about this problem;

5. No additional costs - one of the main reasons a customer won't contact your customer service center is because of the phone taxes. With live chat support they don't need to pay additionally which means they can contact you whenever they need solution;

6. Convenience - live chat support gives your employees the option to send helpful links to the customer and any other information which is otherwise too big.

7. Switch-off when you need to - if you are one man live chat support, you can always turn off the chat when you need to and transform the chat bar into a contact form;

8. Easy reviews - as a manager you can easily review the work of your customer service agents. yes, you can do this with the recorded phone calls, but it is far more convenient to just check out a live chat log;