Do Customers Trust You?

Submitted 8/30/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

People don't buy from people whom they don't trust. It is a basic, but important rule. However, many of the companies out there and their salesmen make great mistakes when it comes to trust, even if they think they are on the right way. We, of course, are going to show you what the most common mistakes are, and you will thank us later:

1. You start with a lie - the most common mistake. Most of the time, when you contact a new soon-to-be-customer, you start with a lie. Whether it is that you are sorry to hear he stopped working with your competitors or that you just wanted to say "Hi, but since I am here, let me show you our new product...". See, customers are clever, they know why you contact them and they know when you lie. And when you do from the start of the relationship - getting their trust becomes one very difficult task, sometimes even impossible. So, what you need to do is tell the truth. From the start. Explain that you are looking for new clients or that you are not actually sorry to hear that the client changes vendors, or that don't call just to say hi, you call to show something new.

2. You claim the impossible - it is very common for a company to state that it has the lowest price on a product or that the quality of its products is the best and unmatched. Most of the time this is not the case. The customer will know if you lie about it, because he can easily check on the Internet, where matching prices is a piece of cake. If what you state is actually true, the customer will still be skeptical about it, because this is just what salesmen say. How to avoid this mistake - if you really need to use your prices as your main weapon, instead of claiming that they are the lowest, say that they are low. The best decision, however, is to find out what really makes your product/service unique and stress on it.

3. You act like you want only one thing - to close the sale. Customers sense this type of attitude and sometimes it is quite obvious. They sense that the salesmen is rushing through the additional details just to make it to the end of the conversation and seal the deal. This is when a customer can back away. No one wants to be just a formality, even in business. Every customer wants to feel appreciated and when you focus on closing the deal, you show him that he will be just another wallet for your company and not an appreciated partner. To avoid this situation, you need to think of customers as of long-term relationships in which you need to give, not just receive.