The Dos and Don'ts of Customer Retention

Submitted 8/7/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Acquiring a new customer is so much more expensive than retaining a current one, we have stressed on this in our articles for quite some time now. So, it is logically to want to retain existing customers. Here is a list of what to do and what not to do if you want to retain customers:


1. Do connect - generally, customers don't need you to sell things to them, but they will be very happy if you show you care. Try to connect with them and give them a positive customer experience. Once you have build a personal connection - talking business would be easy;

2. Do remember that customers are equals - the conversation is the secret of all things human. But you can't create one if you are being subservient to your clients. They are the one that make your business wheel turn, so treat them with respect.

3. Do bring the personal touch - business is a business, but customers don't want to hear all about it in one conversation. Make things mellow with a occasional personal conversation over family, kids, hobbies etc.;

4. Do focus on individuals - you might be doing business with companies, but individuals make the decisions and payments. Keep this in mind.



1. Don't try to "end run" things - never bypass a customer who is ambivalent or hostile, because you will be in a world of business pain. You don't want to create inside enemies, right?

2. Don't give sales pitch - even when it sounds like a good idea - don't try to pitch, because it is a sure way to shut down the whole operation. Instead, keep the conversation alive and remember that it is the thing that will get you closer to a sale.

3. Don't talk trash about competitors - we have wrote about it, this is a thing that is been frowned upon much more in business than in real life. Never try to build yourself up on the expense of the competition. Only insecure people do that. Insecure people don't do great business.

4. Don't negotiate by the book - if you need to retain a customer you need a conversation with him. Don't try to win a race with him. Try to impress him and help him.