Deliver the Best Customer Experience in 3 Steps

Submitted 8/5/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Now, there are many opinions on what exactly good customer experience means. Many and different. Just think about the last time you called or wrote to or chatted with a customer service agent. Did you feel good after it? Was your problem solved? If solved, was the agent being nice and helpful?

Here is the thing, the good customer experience isn't only about solving the customer's problem (it's the main part, but not everything), it's about making him feel nice for himself. Here is what the good customer experience needs to be:

- Positive - creating a positive feeling in a customer (or in a human being as a whole) is something that guarantees you that he will be back for more;

- Meaningful - what is the point of doing it if it has no meaning;

- Memorable - the experience needs to leave a mark (positive one) and be something that will feel good when recalled.

To make thing happen and create the best customer experience you will need to fulfill those points. To do that, you need to take those three steps:

1. Resolve the need - as I said, this is he main thing, you might be entertaining and nice, but if you don't get the job done - it is just a bad experience overall. Both for the customers and for you. Customers want a reliable customer service where they will receive help and solution to their problems - provide it to them. Be reliable and someone who they can depend on.

2. Be entertaining - once you have the idea that you need to solve the problem, you can get from "basic customer experience" to "nice customer experience" with just one small step - fun. It is what customer retention relies on. Make if fun for the customers, engage them in the whole process in a fun way. Building a good customer relationship depends heavily on it.

3. Surprise them with the unexpected - the hardest step to take, but the most critical. IThis is the step that makes the "best customer experience" best. It might be hard nowadays to surprise people when there is so much information just laying around on the internet, but finding another thing that can be useful for the customer without him asking for it will be quite unexpected and will get you the points needed for customer retention.