Live Chat = Happy Customers

Submitted 6/28/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Your help desk deals with many issues every single day. Sometimes this can get pretty overwhelming, with all the incoming emails and phone calls. Most of the time, the customers would like the support to be provided immediately and sometimes the phone just doesn't cut it. This is where the Live Chat support steps in and delivers.

According to a survey, over 77% of internet retailers claim that live-chat support is a critical method of communication, while most customers claim that they'd rather shop or work with a company that provides live chat support. So, yes, you need it.


Because customer's happiness comes first. While emails get the job done, if you still rely on automated phone calls this may be a problem to you overall customer support. Most customers feel that their calls are less important when contacting automated system, what is worse - sometimes they can feel quite lost with all the choices they need to make before actually speaking to a live person. Live chat support solves these problems.


With the right tools a live chat support can be even more responsive than an actual phone call. It can also deliver more reliable results because customers can take their time and ask additional questions and receive additional information without being pressured by time or telephone bills.


Live chat is as secure as phone calls. Most customer support phone calls are recorded for quality assurance and training purposes, which is even easier when it comes to live chat support.

In conclusion?

You might be a business owner considering live chat for its company's customer support, but I bet you have been on the other end of the phone call  more than once in you life. And you know how difficult it is to get to speak to a live person through all the automated answers and "Press 1 if you want to..." type of choices. So, what if there was live chat?