4 Big Mistakes When Working With Clients

Submitted 6/27/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

It is never a good thing when you lose a customer. No matter how you put it - your profit will take the hit. Maybe not in a long term, but still. Keeping clients is a vital part of having a successful business, but I bet you there is not a single company in the world which kept all of their clients. You can't win them all, but making these four mistakes all the time can make you lose them all. So, watch out:

1. You don't listen - I've said it before and I'll say it now, because this is how important it is - listen. If there is a silence - ask a question. A silent customer doesn't always mean a satisfied or engaged customer. But when the engaged customer speaks out - listen. Listen carefully. But it doesn't end here, because you still can get thongs wrong and lose the client, because...

2. You didn't deliver - most clients are reasonable and patient people, but if you make a promise and don't deliver after that - you lose their trust. If you are near your deadline and you know you can't deliver on time - communicate with the client, warn him/her about a potential latency and there is a big chance you will be negotiating a new date. It is wrong and unprofessional to get past your deadline, so communicate if there is such a chance. It's best, of course, to make things happen on time.

3. You think you're untouchable - you might be the best in the industry, you might have great reputation an stellar client retention, but never get ahead of yourself. Don't let your guard down and always perform at your best. Because clients don't like arrogant companies and will always prefer to work with more down to earth people, no matter the price. Never forget that there are always other options. So always work towards building a healthy and trustful relationship with your clients;

4. You don't think short-term - it is a nice thing to think long-term and see the big picture, but this can cause minor troubles which can grow fast to major ones. Have an eye for the details, if you have supporting products or services make them perfect as your main product. Yes, they might not be the main generators of profit, but if they are left behind the client will know and at some point his frustration with the supporting products may become a frustration with your brand as a whole. So, think long-term, but never forget that it's build out of many short-terms.