More Customer Types You Should Not Bother With

Submitted 5/29/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

As we red before - there are certain types of customers you shouldn't bother with and how to fire them if you have tried working with them anyway. But, there are more. More of them. Let's check out some additional customers you need to fire right away - it might not be the best decision right now, but it is on the long run. Trust me on this one:

1. The "Prima Donna" - you had this one, right? The one customer which will always take success as their personal achievement, despite the fact your company made it possible. But when things go wrong, guess who will be the first one to point finger at your company and tell it is solely your fault? Yes, the same customer. Now, success and failure is something companies working on the project should share. This is how things work, this is how the system functions. It is a team effort. A client which doesn't share success with your company, but gives you all the hard time in the world when things don't go as planned, needs to be fired. Now.

2. The "Intimidator" - it all goes well - a big company hires you on a project, they give you the information, agree on the price and shake hands. You have a deal. Until they tell your company "You have one shot at doing this. If you don't meet our needs on the first try - you're out!". What? Why? Then you start working on the project. But your employees are already intimidated and can't work normally. Next thing you know, your company comes out with a safe, inside-the-box recommendation and the client declines it. You missed your shot. And you feel bad about it. You don't need to. Avoid this scenario.

3. The "Be Always Available" - these are almost always start-ups with ambitions far from reality. They want you to lower your prices, share the risk, oh... and be available 24/7 for it's a life or death thing they have going on there. Such business relations are accompanied with very big and unreal expectations, which, when not met, will end everything in the most ugly business way. If a client tells you that he expects you to be available for him at all hours, show him your companies work hours again. If the still insist on treating you like one of their minions - decline the project. It's unhealthy.

4. The "Creditor" - the very nice type of customer, who will be very happy with you and praise you all the way to the end of the month, when comes the time for the payment. Then he doesn't pay. It's ok, you have a 30-day payment term, you can wait. But then he still doesn't pay. He stops answering your mails, your calls and you end up asking for your money in a quite pathetic way. Stop working with such customers. Cash is the blood of every business, remember that.