3 Current Important Customer Service Factors

Submitted 4/19/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

These days, connecting with your customers can be done through different channels and the technologies to do that are available for every single business. Which means, that taking care of customer satisfaction is now a thing you can do easily, and not doing it is simply a result of choice.

Customers are now deeply engaged with brands through different social medias. Here are some digits:

- 81% of customers tell their friends and family about receiving great customer service;

- 45% of customers broadcast their experience on social media;

- 35% of customer will write review for great customer experience on sites like Yelp, Amazon etc.;

- 52% will continue to do business with you after a great customer experience;

- 39% will choose to maintain a business relationship with you for over 2 years after receiving a great customer service.

So, what are the three most important factors for a customer to be satisfied with the experience he received from your company?

1. Quick resolving of problems - the most important factor. Find a way to find resolutions as fast as possible.

2. Being nice to customers - a factor which is thought to be less important, but nowadays is just vital for a good customer service.

3. Resolve problems with just one interaction - find a way to guide the problems to he right people in one call.

Customers might not expect to get what they want, but they will definitely want fast and precise service.