The 10 Principles of Great Customer Service

Submitted 3/12/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Stressing out the importance of the great customer service is your priority as a CEO and following certain principles will make it much easier for you to construct a good and working customer experience department. Now, you might think you've followed all the rules and good practices, but before that, ask yourself - is my department following all the right principles? What do I need to improve the effectiveness of the customer service my company provides? What resources do I need? The important questions are, in fact, a lot. But let's see which are the important principles first:


1. Take care of your customer as you would take care for your family;


2. Improve something every day - set a daily goal (aside from your main ones) to improve something in your work;


3. If you fail to do it the first time - do it right the second time;


4. The customer service is the core of a successful company;


5. Customer service is something your whole organization provides. Not just the customer service department;


6. Procedures, systems and processes don't make great customer service. Personal touch, effort and creativity do;


7. The bad customer feedback is as important as the good. Maybe even more...;


8. Provide more than expected when it comes to customers;


9. Every customer is different, so your approach to every customer should be different;


10. Measure customer overall satisfaction. This will create statistics. Statistics create waypoints.