20 Ways to Intensify Your Customer Service

Submitted 2/15/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev


  1. Ask for a feedback. Ask the customers to help you give them the best customer experience.
  2. Inform them on what you offer and how they can get the best of your product, service and organization;
  3. Always ask for acceptance of the steps you are taking towards solving a problem;
  4. Find out what is best for your customers and not necessarily best for your company;
  5. Limit the usage of the words “No”, “I can’t do that” and “We don’t do that”;
  6. Create personal (but not compulsive) relationship with the customer, he will come back because of the respect;
  7. Make the changes that need to be done. Don’t do things just because “this is how we’ve always done it”;
  8. Provide the needed training for your staff so you can infuse in them the need to provide good perfect customer experience;
  9. When statistic data needs to be interpreted – do it in a positive way in front of your customers;
  10. Make the customers a part of the solution, do not treat them like a part of the problem;
  11. Make it ease for you to take requests and comments;
  12. Cross training and being able to grow your staff from within is a very good idea when you need to make a change in staff;
  13. Integrate good manners and proper language in your customer service;
  14. Keep the communication with the customer open;
  15. Interact with the customers – ask them what they would like to experience or see changed;
  16. Always say “Please” and “Thank you”;
  17. Be enthusiastic – enthusiasm is contagious;
  18. Make sure everyone in your organization treats customers as friends;
  19. Ask the customers for a feedback even if it isn’t mandatory by your company’s policy. Ask them to evaluate their experience;
  20. Inspire your staff by leading them, showing them what good customer experience should be and ask them what is their opinion.