10 Tips for Positive Customer Experience

Submitted 2/12/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

One of the reasons for a company to generate positive buzz is the good customer experience it provides. “Well, I contact their customer support the other day and they were really cool and helped me so fast…” – this is what you want your customers to sound like when they speak with their friends, family and coworkers about your company. Giving them a positive customer experience is how to do it. Here are some tips:

  1. Win-win situation – look for it. Don’t blame the customer. Yes, they might be wrong sometimes, but try to stay on track and find the best solution for them and for your company. It isn’t impossible.
  2. Honesty – accept the fact that sometimes your company can cause the problem. Admit that and apologize. Than try to stay positive and find the best solution.
  3. Stay calm – there will be time when customer will be very frustrated. Stay focused on finding the solution and don’t get angry with them.
  4. Clarify before you act – listen carefully to the customer’s problems and concerns. But listen actively – ask questions when you miss information, but never make the customers repeat themselves.
  5. Deliver beyond expectations – always try to accomplish more than what the customer asks you for. Whenever possible, of course.
  6. Thank you – always thank the customers and treat them as partners of the company.
  7. Find solution – it might be the main mission, but sometimes it’s forgotten – always find solution to the customer’s problem. If you promise something to the customer – deliver on time.
  8. Greetings – greeting a customer when he walks through the door might be a small gesture, but it works really well to make your customers feel valued.
  9. Policy – be sure that all your employees (even those that are non-customer facing) understand the company’s customer policy and objectives.
  10. Stay positive – the most important tip – be eager to find the solution and help the customer.