The Myths of Customer Service

Submitted 2/4/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev


  1. The customer is always right or always wrong;
  2. Quality products don’t need quality customer service;
  3. Common sense is actually a very good customer service;
  4. “Good customer service” is the same thing for everyone;
  5. Putting up with customers means you are doing great with your business;
  6. Keeping customers is more important than getting new ones;
  7. Bad news gets to more people than good news (and impressions…);
  8. Unhappy customers will stay unhappy with you product no matter what you do;
  9. Clients should be patient – you can fix it all overnight!
  10. If your prices are low enough – you wont need customer service;
  11. If a customer likes you – it doesn’t matter what type of customer service you provide;
  12. Everybody can be good at customer service;
  13. There is no need of personal touch;
  14. If it isn’t broken – don’t fix it;
  15. If you under-promise, but over-deliver – you are doing a great job at customer service;
  16. You can satisfy everybody. Everybody.