Top 10 Customer Service Trends 2013 Pt.1

Submitted 1/23/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev


Yes, 2012 was a very customer service active year, indeed, but now it’s time to look ahead towards 2013 and check out the top trends for the year:

  1. Mobile solutions – with millions of mobile apps and the fact that almost every modern human being uses a mobile device (sometimes even more than one), companies will start to pay more attention to mobile content. I am not talking just about duplicating their website content for mobile devices, but providing even richer and more exclusive content. Integrating mobile into product offerings and making it another spot for customer service is vital trend this year.
  2. Rise of the Cloud Based Software – estimated around 70% of organizations are currently using SaaS solutions for customer service or are interested in doing so. Cloud Based Helpdesks are evolving in an even more useful and will meet even further the needs of businesses. With mobile apps, deeper and more behavioral oriented customization and many more new stuff, SaaS helpdesks will become an important solution for a company’s customer service.
  3. Individualized customer experience – with the deeper understanding of customers through analyzing and research, customer service experts will own information which will give them the knowledge to predict the appropriate agent for the calling customer based on his behavior, previous calls etc.
  4. Customer service from anywhere – with mobile solutions and the expand of mobile device usage, customers can now contact your company from anywhere, basically. Well, customer service employees can now do the same with cloud based solutions. Customer support agents will now be able to find a solution to a client’s problem from his home or anywhere else.
  5. Even bigger social media engagement – with social media as a big part of our lives, providing stronger customer service engagement in the social networks will be vital. Social websites are becoming more and more comfortable for the customers to address companies, as well for companies to spot customer’s trends, improve response time and many more benefits.