5 Things You Can Do To Improve Service

Submitted 12/28/2012 by Kaloyan Georgiev


  1. Explain every step towards resolving the problem – it is very frustrating for a customer to hear that he needs to do the same thing or things he had done previously. Most of the customer service employees need to follow a certain script when resolving a problem, but making the customer take the steps he already as taken is quite annoying. It is even more annoying when the customer took the steps before and they lead to nothing. To avoid annoying the customer it is best to explain why you are taking this direction and that he needs to perform these actions because the problem may be there after all. This way you are showing them you are not ignoring their explanations and you are not trying to annoy the on purpose.
  2. Read the tickets carefully – another frustrating moment for a client is to be redirected to another customer service employee where he needs to give the same information or even explain the problem all over again. This can be avoided by reading the notes to every ticket AND actually writing notes to tickets – useful information for the customer,  additional information to the problem, what procedures were performed etc.
  3. Know the market – always have information on your and your competitors product. This way you are able to give full information to the customer when he needs it to consider which product to buy. If someone calls for a pre-sale information – you need to be fully prepared.
  4. Direct lines of communication – very important. It is very disturbing to stumble upon a helpdesk that can not escalate your problem directly to the next level of support. At best, they leave them a message with the problem and “Requesting a callback” note, while the customer awaits with the problem. The employee needs to learn how to properly redirect tickets and contact next level customer service when the situation needs immediate response.
  5. Take ownership of the cases – while you accept the fact that people make mistakes and the customer’s problem with your product is actually a technicians’ fault, you need to fix the problem and ease up the customer. Take ownership of the case – tell them you will do everything needed to find a solution, call back when you said you will, even if there is no change – provide information on the current status of the problem. Most of the time, the first step towards mellowing down a customer’s attitude is to show them that you take their problem seriously.