Best help desk practices

Submitted 10/2/2012 by Level 2 Support

Once your product/company’s base starts growing you will experience the need of a proper product support. Your customer will need it, and you will need to provide it. But without the proper management, the customer support can quickly turn into a burden instead of the silver lining of your product.

Ensuring your customer support employees use the best practices they can is a good way to provide good support management. Incorrect solutions, bad behavior or taking too much time to answer a question leads to frustrated customers and to losses. Here are some tips on how to best support your product:

  1. Updating the customer – keeping a consistent customer communication pays off very quickly and is a major factor in keeping your clients happy. It doesn’t matter how much progress you are making on an issue – always update the client on what is happening or going to happen. A good rule of thumb is to update the customers for every issue that takes longer than an hour to solve. If you can’t say the exact time the issue needs to be resolved – give the customer estimated time and update him on the situation again if needed.
  2. Defining the correct problem – it might seem odd but it is very easy for a help desk employee to misunderstand the problem described by the customer. Make sure your support professionals understand the issue. Simple ways to do this is to repeat the issue back to the customer once they finish describing it. When the issue is send via eMail it is easier to defy the problem, but it is still better to rewrite it down clear, especially when you need to send it to another department.
  3. Communicate clear and understandable – one of the worst things you can do when communicating with clients is to make them feel stupid. By speaking with terms which are understandable mostly in your work sphere you can not only make the customer feel confused about your question/solution, but you can also create even bigger problem. Evaluate your customer’s technical knowledge and communicate on their level – you will find out it is just one very good practice.
  4. Use Help Desk Software – simply the best practice there is. Easy to manage, fast, secure when experiencing consistent customer communication. If you need a tool to monitor your customer’s frequently asked questions or to keep logs of every communication – you’ve got to have a Help Desk solution.