Social Media Customer Service Tips

Submitted 9/24/2012 by Level 2 Support


Social Media become a powerful tool for the companies. These days almost every company is on social media using it for marketing and customer service. Some of them like Starbucks have their marketing based only on social media. But this is not an ordinary chanel for customer service. It requires different approach to the audience in order to maintain good relations with it. 
Here are some tips you may find useful:
1. Everything you do sends a message to your customers!
In social media everyting you post, write, reply to a customer, can be seen from everyone. This means you should be careful how you treat your customers, because this can send a message to all of them. 
2. Reply to every customer!
Being on social media as a company requires to engage. Do not delete or ignore any post or comment! Even if it is about a problem just solve it or do your best to help your customer. This may turn a bad situation into benefit for you. 
3. Hours of operation
In social media customers can take action around the clock. And many of them will expect a quick responce. I order to maintain their expectations you may announce your hours of operation. The best way is to provide 24/7 service on social media, but if you can't this can help. 
4. People want to relate to people!
In social media the best way to provide customer service is to make it personal. This creates relationships, trust and some serious brand loyalty.
5. Educate your social media customer service team!
Do not let random people with no customer service skills to do customer service in social media. Social media CRM is important and only well skilled people have to be engaged. 
If you still do not anticipate in social media as a company you should consider it seriously. We believe that in future the social media CRM will be essential.