Customer service trends pt.2

Submitted 9/24/2012 by Level 2 Support

4. Greening – green trend isn’t that new and it’s strength differs from client to client, but it gets more and more important these days. It is always wise to be cautious relating to environment, so operate with the assumption that your clients want you to be eco-friendly. This is because most young people are now “hooked on green” and this plays a role in making the decision to buy or not to buy. Also, customers who are not concerned with environment are rarely offended if you take such precautions, while those concerned with it will see another pro in your product.

5. Self-service – a very powerful trend. No matter if it is self-service touch-screen menu in public space or interactive voice-response systems – customers needed. Provided by the fast paced lifestyle or social anxiousness, combined with the increasing number of tech savvy customers, the self-service is a trend that if pursued and executed correctly can turn a company into a major and loved one. Paying to a screen for their groceries or printing their boarding passes makes the customers more comfortable and saves them even more time.