Where are the most satisfied customers in the world

Submitted 9/11/2012 by Level 2 Support

Recent taken survey among customers all over the world shows the levels of satisfaction in the countries with the biggest GDP.

Here are the results:
  1. Australia and Canada shared the first place with 93%
  2. Germany - 88%
  3. United States - 87%
  4. United Kingdom - 83%
  5. Spain and Italy - 81%
  6. Russia - 80%
  7. Brazil - 79%
  8. India - 70%
  9. France - 57%
As you can see the results are surprising. Countries with high GDP like France turned
out to have some of the lowest customer satisfaction rates. The survey doesn't show
the reasons for these rates, but the companies in Europe and Asia should make
improvements to their customer service.
The survey also reveals where are the most satisfied employees and guess what
- countries like Canada, Australia and Germany have some of the highest rates of
employees satisfaction and France, Turkey and India have the lowest.
This means that in general the quality of customer service is strongly connected with the
satisfaction of employees providing it.