Choosing the Right Helpdesk Software

Submitted 8/20/2012 by Level 2 Support

Choosing the right helpdesk software is very important. If you want to provide the best customer service for your clients you need to choose helpdesk software that fulfills all their demands. Lets remind that the most important here is ti reduce the time of response and its efficiency.

But first you need to ask yourself why do you need helpdesk software. To find out what are the pros and cons of helpdesk software and the other customer service tools that your company is using now.

In general the helpdesk software is a great tool, but that does not necessarily means you need it. There are many brands that provide free try outs for their helpdesk software such as eStreamDesk. I recommend to first try out some of the best softwares and then decide whether you need it or don't.

If you find out that you do need a software don't rush into buying one because it's cheap or popular, or recommended, or the most expensive. Remember that the price don't define quality. You have to find out what exactly do you need and fit your budget.

In order to do that we recommend to gather the whole support team of your company and decide what kind of improvements do you need. Don't let only one person to decide even if  it is the support manager. Understanding where the current support system fails or is lacking will make it much easier to find a solution that meets current and future needs.

Make a list of all the improvements your current support system needs and organize them from the most important to the least. If your budget can afford software that fulfills all of them it's great. But if it doesn't you need to fit into your budget by cutting the least important improvements.

And the last thing you need to decide is whether you need cloud-based software or self-hosted one. Usually self-based softwares are chosen by companies that can afford an IT department to support it. If you don't have an IT team the cloud-based is your best choice. You can check out our previous article that we wrote which explains what are the benefits of using cloud-based helpdesk software.

Choose carefully so you can increase the return of your investment.