Benefits of using Helpdesk Software

Submitted 8/6/2012 by Level 2 Support

Customer service is now one of the most important thing for the companies. We've written a lot about the benefits of better customer service so far, but now we'll pay attention to one of the most powerfull tool - the Cloud-based Helpdesk software. 

1. Web based.
In a traditional IT setup, you need to have your CRM and helpdesk tool installed in every computer to access the service,which will waste time and money. But with eStreamDesk you can save that time and money. Also you can work from anywhere, whether you are at your desk, on the road, or working from home. There is even a mobile version that you can access from your phone or tablet.
2. Security and Reliability
With the web based helpdesk software all your data is stored and backed up on servers that are not in-house. This means you will no longer worry for disasters, security break downs, etc. These servers are managed by the developer which saves you money also. 
3. Time-saving
in previous articles we wrote that the time for response is very important. With this powerful tool you can save your customer's and your employee's time which will grant you more satisfied customers and greater labor productivity. 
4. Multi-language choice
eStreamDesk Helpdesk software service is available in more than 15 languages and all time zones. 
5. Statistics
Can you measure the efficiency of your customer service? What if we tell you that eStreamDesk can provide you with daily reports and many more helpful analytics? It is of greater importance to now exactly how much effective is your customer service, isn't it?
The best thing in this type of helpdesk software is that you can try it out for free by just completing a couple of simple steps.