Benefits of the Software-as-a-Service Helpdesk

Submitted 7/30/2012 by Level 2 Support

Basically, there are two types of software helpdesks on the market right now - Software-as-a-Service Helpdeks and Self-hosted Helpdesks. Let’s take a look at both of them and then see which one is better:

  • Software-as-a-service hepdesks (also known as SaaS Helpdesks or Cloud-Based Helpdesks) are located entirely online and hosted on servers outside of your company;
  • Self-hosted Helpdesks are hosted on your own servers adopting personal cloud behind your company’s personal firewall.


Except for the obvious differences, there are a lot more regarding the efficiency of both the softwares and the level to which they meet your company’s needs. Let’s check out why Software-as-a-Service Helpdeks could be the better option for you:

SaaS Helpdesks:

  • ready to use software – you can use it as soon as it has been purchased and a company’s profile has been created;
  • no worries – you don’t need to worry about updates, backups and security – it has all bee taken care of by the provider;
  • outside servers – the database is hosted on the hi-tech servers of the providers which are always equipped with the latest technology and best engineers guaranteeing the perfect security and the best support;
  • customization – you can customize most aspects giving the software your company’s unique image;
  • cloud-based – access your hepdesk no matter where you are. Log in and gain access to all of the features of the helpdesk from anywhere at any time. Perfect for companies which employees travel a lot;
  • low-cost – SaaS HelpDesks are far less-expensive than the self-hosted helpdesks and far easier to support.

Why self-hosted helpdesks might not be an option for your company:

  • cost more to set-up;
  • more difficult to manage;
  • unsecure in terms of support.

So, the bottom line is – if you need the fast, secure and more efficient helpdesk – Software-as-a-Service helpdesk is your option – with higher scalability and less-expensive installation SaaS Helpdesk will always meet the needs of your company.