How to provide the best customer service

Submitted 7/11/2012 by Level 2 Support

Customer service is not just an extension or a result of a successful business, every good manager know, that it is a vital part of a big company. When your customers are your most important asset - it’s a priority to provide the best customer experience possible. Many studies show that a satisfied customer not only helps you grow your company by doing business with you, but they also make recommendations to friends and family based on the service they received. So, in other words, good customer service is not only a part of the foundation of your business, but a good marketing tool, too. But good customer service is insufficient – it needs to be the best.

  1. Have a procedure for problem resolving – try to create a specific procedure for the most common complains your customers have. It is very frustrating for a client to explain his complaint to multiple employees, but when there is a standard and clear procedure for resolving his problem you get two results – satisfied customers and calm employees.
  2. Offer customer service via al your employees – customer service is not something that is restricted only to the customer service staff. Train your employees to help customers no matter what their job description is. Regardless of their position your employees should be able to provide the best customer experience – establish ground rules on how to greet customers and how to be most helpful to them.
  3. Treat customers as individuals – use their names and find a way to compliment them without being insincere. Make customers feel appreciated and they will come back to do business with you again. Anticipate their needs – get to know your clients.
  4. Over-deliver – since one of the most important things for the business is to keep the customer satisfied and happy – give more than expected. Don’t promise big things but try to deliver them anyways. Always keep the promises you make to clients, but first consider deadlines before anything else, because no matter how bad it is to fail keeping your promise it is far worse to get late.