How to make customers return?

Submitted 6/5/2012 by Level 2 Support

The most important things in a company’s agenda is to get customers, as they are the one and only thing that keeps a company running. While the marketing policy and strategy of a company is responsible for taking care of bringing new customers, there is a different schoolf of thought for getting the new customers to coma back for more. When you have already invested in bringing new customer, taking advantage and making them a constant (or at least continual) stream of sales and revenue is the most logical thing. 

  1. Express confidence – chances are, you are not the only one selling the type of product you advertise, so when a customer decides to purchase it, he will have to choose between two or even more companies, including yours. People like to buy fro winners, so if you want to strike the deal – look confident and be professional. Stand tall, smile and seem at ease – only then, the customer will know for sure he made the right choice and will come back for more.
  2. Launch a loyalty program – very popular and attractive for the customer thing is the loyalty program. Hand out discounts, gift cards or even free products after a certain number of visits from the same client and he will always come back for more. Try to surprise him with different new services and products which you know he needs.
  3. Get to know your clients – loyal customers are the best customers and getting to know them is a significant point in your management schedule. The relationship with the customer is very important and if you succeed in making him feel special and valued, he will respond with the same. And when a customer values the comapy he wrks with, he stays loyal to it.
  4. Provide good customer service – make it easy for the customer to contact you or your customer service department. There is nothing more frustrating than explaining a problem more than once just to be transferred to another department. Give the whole needed information when there is a complain and assist the client as much as possible. The good customer service is one of the best ways to make customers return, even if they are not happy with your product.
  5. That extra attention – there are few small things that always make good impression in a returning client. For example:
    - if you know the name of the client – use it before he feels the need to introduces himself again;
    - if you know the preferences of the client from a previous conversation – demonstrate it;
    - calling a taxi for the customer, helping him with his packages etc. are the small things that make big impression;
    - show the client you took your time to get to know him and help him get the best of your product.