Three low-cost but efficient ways to improve customer service

Submitted 5/10/2012 by Level 2 Support

Being the essence of the good customer experience, perfect customer service is more than just a way to communicate with your clients – it’s one of the most efficient ways of keeping them. Improving this aspect of the customer experience not only saves operational costs, but also significantly adds to the bottom line. There are rather many ways to improve customer service, but the most low-cost and efficient are:

  1. Faster and more accurate transferring  – 42% of clients end a relationship with a company due to multiple transfers and having to speak with many agents of customer service. Accurate delegating of the problem to the right department can save time for the customer and save a customer for you. 
  2. Listen to the customer – 17% of customers end their relationship with a company due to being kept on hold for a long periods of time, not getting any answer or failing to receive solution to its issue on the first try. Frustrating moment for every client is realizing the solution he receives isn’t the right one for his problem. Listening and understanding the nature of the problem leads to more accurate and faster solutions – things that make customers come back.
  3. Politeness – probably the mistake that is thought to most likely be the “customer killer”. 13% of the customers stop using company’s services due to rude customer service employees. Politeness can take the customer service a long way, showing your clients that their problems are yours, too. Being helpful, even if there is no immediate profit in it, will show the customer he can rely on your help, thus – on your product.
Three low-cost and efficient ways to improve the customer service, which applied consistently can not only keep your existing customers but even bring more new ones than a promotion or price reduction.