Applications using eStreamDesk API

Submitted 4/27/2011 by Level 2 Support

In this article we will collect all public software that uses the eStreamDesk API. Contact us if you want to submit your softwave for publication here.

eStreamDesk Notifier - free - source code available
eStreamDesk Notifier makes it easier for support agents to be notified of new helpdesk tickets and ticket comments. It's developed in C# for .NET 4.0 and is using the eStreamDesk API.

eStreamDesk Drupal Module - free - source code available
This module provides a method for logged in users to access their eStreamDesk profile from their user email (and site API key).

This can be done via a support page with a link, or by a URL path which through redirection will auto-log them into proper estream help desk site.