Integrate with Google Contacts & Calendar = Perfection!!

Submitted 11/17/2010 by jwilson4jc


We need to be able to integrate Google Contacts & Scheduling with Google Calendar. We operate a Computer Service & Repair business. We specialize in "on-site" service and repair for both commercial and residential customers. Customers call in for support and we currently use Google Calendar to schedule our "on-site" appointments. We then go to their house or business and work on their systems. 

My perfect scenario would be this: When a customer calls in for help/support: 

Step 1: I go to estreamdesk and create a new "trouble ticket." Including the customer's Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Address, etc.. This information is automatically updated & synced using Google Contacts. (i.e. Auto Fill "Trouble Ticket" using customer info if already an "Existing Contact" OR "New Contact" is created)

Step 2: We need to schedule a repair/support visit with this Customer. We then set a time for an appointment using Google Calendar. The "Trouble Ticket" is tied to this appointment via a "link" or other method using estreamdesk/Google Calendar integration. When we have completed this service call, we can then update the "Trouble Ticket" status with any notes from the visit, and either leave the ticket open or close it.

This would allow us to look at our Google Calendar and see what appointments we have for the day/week and also have a history of what has been done for each customer. 

I'm sure there are many other scenarios for this integration. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions or would like further clarification.

Thanks so much for this great app!!