CC / BCC reply to tickets

Submitted 7/24/2010 by info

sometimes you need to answer to an alternate e-mail address. 


Marco Castanheira: 

It was verry usefull to us too...

If a ticket was open with cc emails, the awnser sould be include cc recipents too.

6/17/2011 5:35:22 PM +03:00
Nigel Brown: 

It would be very useful if a customer emails and cc's other people into the email, that these contacts be added to the ticket so that any updates are sent to them as well as the ticket holder.

10/17/2011 1:53:21 PM +03:00

This would be very helpful.   Any thoughts to when this could be implemented?

5/18/2012 3:16:47 AM +03:00
Level 2 Support: 

CCs are already included in the ticket replies

5/18/2012 12:11:39 PM +03:00
Nigel Brown: 

Hello, I was wondering if this feature is planned, we get a number of helpdesk emails that are cc'd to others but these get dropped when fed into the helpdesk via the eamil.

Is there any plan to allow for 3rd party cc's emails to be included within the tickets automatically.




7/3/2012 7:07:13 PM +03:00

Not just included in the conversation, but the CC/BCC emails need to be shown on the ticket itself. It is important for us to know all parties to the ticket.

9/10/2012 4:37:35 PM +03:00
Rowan Murphy: 

This and being able to transfer tickets between end users (If someone leaves the company sending them emails does no one any good) are the only things that we really miss from our old system that we used.

12/19/2012 1:13:51 PM +02:00