Add ticket as an Administrator/Agent [DONE]

Submitted 10/6/2009 by joel

It would be very helpful to be able to create a ticket for a user as an administrator - So when you receive a phone call you could create the ticket, and assign it to the user.


Nathaniel Rasmussen: 

Agreed--this would be the one majorly-lacking piece of functionality on an otherwise oustanding service!

6/29/2010 4:52:01 PM +03:00
Level 2 Support: 

This feature is now available! Thank you for your feedback.

6/30/2010 10:47:28 AM +03:00

When an agent opens a ticket thru the system, the ticket appears as if the user is sending a message to the agent. We have many situations where an agent needs to initiate a ticket and send the initial message to the user. Can this be accomplished?

11/3/2014 11:08:45 AM +02:00
Level 2 Support: The idea of a support request is that the the client requests something (support, info, etc) and the agent handles that request. Agents can place requests on behalf of the users if the request was taken over the phone or in person. Contacting the user without the user having requested anything from youis not a scenario covered by the helpdesk system.
11/3/2014 11:31:19 AM +02:00