Bulk Action

Submitted 7/16/2010 by Brian Lang

My company currently uses OTRS. One of the features of OTRS is called "Bulk Action". This lets you place a checkmark beside a number of tickets, and then click a button. Then you can select actions to perform on all those tickets at the same time.

Some actions include:

  • Add an internal note/comment
  • Change the state (closed, open, etc...)
  • Change the owner
  • Change the queue
  • Change the priority
  • Merge tickets (to oldest selected, or to a specific ticket number)

It would be really nice to have a similar feature in eStreamDesk. 


Ryan Afdahl: 

+100 on this feature.  However I would list the Merge feature as #1.


Thanks for such a great product.

7/18/2010 8:56:02 PM +03:00