Add "treatment" level in addition with the "owner"

Submitted 4/17/2012 by Laurent Bigot


For the moment, there is 2 levels in the claim

- the "client" (the person that need something to be done)

- the owner (the one in charge of the claim) 

But if the owner is not the person in charge of fixing the problem, there is a level missing in the hierarchy.

So I need another level

- the "client" (the person that need something to be done) 

- the owner (the one in charge of the claim) 

- the operator (the one who will fix the problem)

With this new level, I can be the owner and and see all my claims that other persons are fixing

Does that make sense ?

Thank you



Level 2 Support: 


There are actually 3 types of users - administrators, agents and clients. The level that you're looking for is "agent" and is already supported by the service.

4/18/2012 12:34:31 PM +03:00
Laurent Bigot: 

Thank you for your quick answer.

I meant 3 levels to manage a claim.

Requester / Owner / Assignee

Today, we only have Requester / Assignee

So instead of

Submitted 4/17/2012 by Magalie REGNIER. Assigned to you

We'll have

Submitted 4/17/2012 by Magalie REGNIER. Owned by you. Assigned to Nicolas

So, in the 'View tickets' list, we can see our own claims even if they are assigned to other persons.

4/18/2012 4:22:00 PM +03:00