Add bcc / watch topic

Submitted 9/30/2011 by waldemar.antonowicz

It would be great if we could add some bcc fields for ticket watchers (or some ticket watch list). For example when tickted is created by support departament - after client call and then reassigned to developement departament to be solved. Then client contact is on support consultant, but work is done by a programmer, so support consultant need to watch ticket status.



I agree as this would be a huge help! We would be able to keep others in the loop with every update!

12/5/2011 8:57:49 PM +02:00

This has been something that other departments in my company has been asking.

3/27/2012 10:56:03 PM +03:00

This is something I miss in out new implementation. Also the ability to add email of other users to specific tickets (not bcc), enable to get some other actors to the events. We use it a lot with our old Ticketing system and user Groups didn't solve this if your ticket is from a new external user.

Thanks in advance!!!

2/25/2022 6:49:28 PM +02:00