Modify forms for my local language [DONE]

Submitted 6/25/2010 by Frank Rosenbäck

It would be nice if i could update the forms to my local language, the emails i send i written in Danish therfore it would be nice for the users to see the tickets in danish.


Evert Jan van Ramselaar: 

I second this request for Dutch language.



Evert Jan

7/18/2010 4:17:41 PM +03:00
Tommy ~: 

I wish if it is possible to translate in Italian too.


7/22/2010 3:09:43 AM +03:00
Rachid El Mousaoui: 

yes, please proceed with local language support - in my case Dutch & French


thank you!

7/26/2010 6:43:45 PM +03:00
Level 2 Support: 

This feature is currently being added. If you would like to contribute to a specific language translation please open a ticket. Thank you!

7/29/2010 7:57:09 PM +03:00
Level 2 Support: 

eStreamDesk now supports multiple languages. You can open a ticket if you would like to contribute a translation for your local language.

9/7/2010 5:19:51 PM +03:00