Dynamic Dashboard - Active Icons When New Comments Are Added

Submitted 5/18/2011 by tylerr

Right now, I have to check my mail to see if anyone has added a comment to their open tickets. This generally means that I'm reading the comment twice. It would be very helpful if there could be a more dynamic way of indicating that a new comment has been added to a ticket. I would imagine an icon (RED=No change in last hour, YELLOW=Assignee has sent message within last hour, GREEN=New comment has been added) could easily show this. It's important that it's updated without having to refresh the browser load, though I imagine just implementing the icon and using a page refresh plugin would bridge the gap until a final solution would be just peachy.



I like the idea of a dashboard, for us even like a social networking feel as people update tickets (either IT or users)

5/19/2011 5:05:22 PM +03:00