Restricting User Access Via the Web Interface w/ Google Apps

Submitted 5/18/2011 by pete

Doing some testing w/ Google Apps...looks like if a user changes their passcode through the "MY Account" link in eStream, it doesn't effect anything.  However, if the user deletes their account, it is actually deleted and I have to re-import them from Google Apps.  Is there a way to restrict users via their My Account link when eStream is used in conjunction w/ Google Apps?  In fact, I would like to remove the ability for users to even log on via the web interface since i'm using the GApps integration.  We have already eilimated the following code "To review or update your ticket please use the following link:<br><a href="{TicketUrl}">{TicketUrl}</a>" so that auto-generated email don't point users to the website (we know from this post that you can't pass through the GApps info via the email.

Thx.  Been fun testing this product so far.