Canned answers and comments with HTML editor ?

Submitted 2/6/2011 by Thierry Klein

It seems the HTML editor is only available in forum and when creating template forms. No possibility to enter HTML in comments (when answering a ticket) or in canned answers.

Why is that ? Could it be improved ? Thanks


Level 2 Support: 

Thank you for your feedback! The tickets are clear text on purpose for clarity and for security reasons.

2/9/2011 5:09:40 PM +02:00
Gustavo Leig: 

so, this forum isnt secured because it has html in comments?

I really think html editor would help.


for clarity, html helps, you can BOLD, or mark some important text

I get complains from my customers that they write a ticket support with colours and they lose all format;

I hope you can implement this rich text featura asap in the tickets area.

1/19/2012 3:55:15 PM +02:00