Tip: E-mail commands

Submitted 10/15/2012 by Level 2 Support

If you answer tickets most of the time by replying to the e-mail notifications from eStreamDesk then you could use this little trick to send commands that are usually only available from the web interface. By using the powerful rules engine you can set keywords that would trigger certain actions such as setting status, priority, department, assignment, custom ticket fields, etc.

For example you can create a trigger word [STATUS-URGENT] that will set the ticket priority to urgent. The ticket rule would look like this:

Rule trigger: [Ticket comment is posted]
Rule condition: [Ticket updater] [Equal to] [Any agent]
Rule condition: [Comment text] [Contains] [STATUS-URGENT]
Rule action: [Set priority] [Urgent]

You can add any number of rules for whatever trigger words and actions you want.