Service Issue Overview October 26, 2012

Submitted 10/29/2012 by Level 2 Support

All of systems are currently functioning normally, and services should be performing as you expect. This is an overview of the interruption on Friday, October 26, 2012.

At approximately 7:30am, we began to experience service performance degradation, and your helpdesk service was likely interrupted before 8am, and restored before 6pm. Once the system was repaired, because of the large volume of data we manage, it took more than 5 hours to restore the array to its fully redundant state, and back to production. The e-mail processing subsystem has not been affected - all incoming/outgoing e-mails have been processed and there are no lost tickets.
We use the same helpdesk system that you do, and can understand how important it is to business. As demonstrated by our 99.9% or greater up-time over the last two years, we work hard to prevent service interruptions of any kind.
We also understand that our past up-time, and even being greater than 99% for this month may not feel like much consolation. If you're like most of our clients, the cost of downtime for you is much greater than the price of our services. When our service  is functioning properly, this highlights our value. As a very service-oriented team, we're in business to help, not hinder. We regret the inconvinience any interruptions cause you, your team, partners, clients and business. We are sorry.
We do not expect the specific issue that caused the service interruption to recur. Furthermore, we have learned our lesson and have already started upgrades to prevent these types of issues entirely. Stay tuned for announcements about these soon, along with outher new features and services.